Motoko (majormoto) wrote,

And then my peace was shattered...

Four twenty six this morning the perimiter alarm around my safe house went off. I rolled out of bed gun in hand and trudged outside. I went to the southeastern edge of the property reviewing the security footage as I ran... I've gotta give the little bastard credit. I never saw him. I know that he had to have been on the grounds for at least five minutes and thirty two seconds. When I got to the site of the security breech I found an old fasioned puzzle box. It didn't take me long to figure the box out, once I got it open I found a note. The coding was a good touch, obviously this Lupin does his research, he knew to use a more antiquated code. The note informed me that I have been invited on a treasure hunt. I looked up some old news feeds and hacked INTERPOL to find out about this man. I must say I'm impressed. He's managed to outsmart INTERPOL for quite a while, his "bumbling idiot" act seems just that... an act. I think I'll go, if anything it will be amusing.

Anyway, it's been rather quite since this mornings uproar. I took the rest of the morning to catch up on the Laughing Man case. I sent Batou some files and told him not to expect me in for a bit. I went to visit the girls and spent most of the day with them, I think I wore them out. I enjoy the girls company, and I like spending time with them. I just... I feel silly for it but I really miss having a man around. It has been far to long since I've been with anyone other than the girls. It's lucrative, and I do care about them... I don't know, I think I want more.

That's enough of this whistful bullshit. I'm going to get some beer and head to the Marina.

Oh and Hank you wouldn't like the food. Cyborgs have to eat a different type of food, it has no flavor.
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Bumbling idiot? Act?

... hm? What's this about wanting to be with a man? Oh, you poor thing!
Think you could keep up?
Uh huh uh huh uh huh!
I feel like I should be telling you to catch me if you can...
Are you a prostitute?
No... The way my cybernetics are put together I have a more sensitive nerve structure, that combined with my cyberbrain's ability to record sensation and video I am able to sell it to other women with cyberbrains... Selling sensations as it were.
I hope that clarified... it's a lot like a really fun hobby that I get paid for.

Deleted comment

I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.
Cyborg? That's kinda awesome. Bet you get alotta work.
I'm sure I would, but I've been working for the military for almost ten years now. Not a lot of room for freelance work.
Moto-person looks like Faye-Faye!
Who is this Faye-Faye?
Ed and Faye-Faye were on the Bebop with Spike-person!
Oh... That didn't answer anything.